Auckland hair removal clinic
Auckland Laser Hair Removal is an Auckland based, boutique laser hair removal clinic specialising in laser hair removal for both men and woman. We treat a broad range of unwanted hair using the best medical grade lasers, at the best prices, making professional laser hair removal available to everyone.

Our clinic is modern and clean, we operate 6 days a week and have plenty of free onsite parking

Our pricing is plain and simple, no contracts, no complicated package deals and no hidden costs. 
Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women
The Best Medical Lasers, at the Best Prices 
And it just keeps getting better!

Are you fed up with unwanted hair?

Men are you fed up with constantly waxing or shaving?

Women are you tired of waxing, shaving, bleaching and threading?

Well the cost of laser hair removal at our advanced laser hair removal clinic, is the same cost as waxing or threading. 

So why not give it a try. I gaurantee you will be amazed with the results.

The experts in laser hair removal

We only remove hair and thats why we do it better than anyone else. We don't do your nails, we don't give facials and we don't sell expensive moisturisers. 

We use the best hair removal lasers available on the market today, providing the safest and most effective hair removal possible, across all skin types.

We always go out of our way to make sure you will look and feel your best. That way we know you will tell your friends about us and thats why we have been in business for so long.

And we love what we do.

What's the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The answer to this question most certainly depends on your skin and hair type.

One clinic may claim that the Yag is the best laser while another may claim it is the Diode laser. Well, we agree with both of them.

Clinical trials have shown that the best lasers for hair removal are as follows: 

The Yag laser is the best laser for hair removal on medium to dark skin, while Diode and Alexandrite lasers are the best lasers for hair removal on patients with medium to light coloured skin

Therefore, one type of laser cannot be used to treat all skin and hair types safely or effectively, so professional laser hair removal clinics must be able to provide the correct system that best matches your skin and hair type.

Our Laser Systems

We run a Lumenis LightSheer Infinity laser system with a 1060nm laser treatment head. This wavelength is the standard in hair removal for patients with medium to dark coloured skin and is perfect for patients of Indian and Middle Eastern origin whose skin types might be damaged by other types of lasers.

We also run a Lumenis LightSheer XC, 800nm Laser whose wavelength is perfect for patients with light coloured skin and brown to dark coloured hair.

And we run a Cutera Yag Laser with the CoolGlide treatment head. This is perfect for treating facial hair and other areas the are curved or delicate as the small treatment head easily glides over intricate areas.  

To discuss the best hair removal treatment for you, contact us at our Auckland Clinic today.
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