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Can you tell me in simple language - "how does laser hair removal work?" 
The laser's energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which super heats the hair and the hair bulb, destroying the hair-producing papilla and its blood supply; stopping that hair follicles ability to produce any further hair.

Does it hurt?
There is a degree of discomfort and the level of discomfort varies depending on the area being treated. More sensitive areas like the face and Brazilian feel more intense whereas less sensitive areas like the legs or underarms can feel quite easy. 

How many treatments do I need?
Woman - typically 8 to 12 treatments.

Men or Woman with Hirsutism (male pattern hair) - typically 12 to 14 treatments.

How often do I need treatment?
For optimum results, treatments should be 6 to 8 weeks apart. However the face, underarms and Brazilian area can be treated every 4 weeks.

Do I need to wear anything special?
For most treatments you do not need to wear any special clothing. However, if you are having hair removed from the lower belly, the bikini line, legs or armpit, it would be preferable for you to wear white underwear, as dark coloured clothing can be affected by the Lasers energy.

Can I get a Brazilian and does it hurt?
We do full Brazilian and Bikini line treatments. As its a sensitive area, there is degree of discomfort, however most patients say its less painfull than waxing.

I am a female of Indian or Middle Eastern origin and I have strong unwanted hair. Can I be treated?
We treat many Indian and Middle Eastern clients, both female and male using 1064nm lasers which will not burn darker skin types. Most Indian and Middle Eastern patients have successful results but they require more than the usual number of treatments to completely remove all the unwanted hair.

I have a few grey hairs coming out in the area I want treated. Can I still be treated with lasers?
Lasers will not treat the grey hairs, but it will treat your other hair just fine, assuming it's not blonde or red. So yes, we can treat such an area and your darker hair will diminish with treatment, leaving only the grey hair. 

What might restrict me from having laser hair removal treatment?
Patients who are taking any medications that cause photosensitivity (sensitivity to light), are using anticoagulants (blood thinners), or have any disease that increases sensitivity to light such as Lupus (SLE) or have a history of bleeding disorders can have prblems with treatment.

But please call as we are always happy to discuss and consultations are free.

Can you treat woman with Hirsutism?
Yes. Treatment of hair for woman with Hirsutism is not a problem but in a lot of instances, medication to stabilise the condition is also recommended. Treatment times however do take longer. Typically 12 to 14 sessions are needed.
[Hirsutism is excessive hair growth on women in those parts of the body where course hair does not normally occur, in particular hair pattern exhibiting male hair growth characteristics].

Can you treat patients with Hypertrichosis?
Yes, in most cases.
Hypertrichosis (also called Ambras syndrome) is abnormal hair growth in parts of the body that is not characteristic with usual male or female pattern hair growth.

Can you treat woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome?
Yes, in most cases but medication to stabilise the condition is also recommended.

Do you treat patients going through a transgender transformation?
Yes. We have many transgender clients.

Why is it more expensive to have laser hair removal if I have darker skin?
1060nm lasers suitable for treating darker skin types have a higher running cost than 800nm lasers. 1060nm lasers are the only safe option for treating people with darker skin types as 800nm lasers and those with lower wavelengths can cause burns and/or scaring to persons with darker skin types.

What is Hair Sculpting?
Hair Sculpting is a technique mainly used on men (but can be used on women) to reduce hair density in areas where a patient does not want a complete hairless look. 

Example 1. A guy has hairy legs, which bothers him and he wants to remove most of the hair but does not want to remove it all. 

Example 2. A guy has a very hairy chest and stomach. He wants to completely remove the hair on his stomach but keep some hair on his chest. 

If I shave my hair, won't it grow back thicker?
No. Shaving or Waxing won't make your hair grow back any darker or thicker - only hormones can control that. Your body and facial hair may initially be one colour and thickness and over time can end up completely different. Hair growth, hair thickness and hair colour is controlled by hormones.
An epilation client in Auckland

A young male before and after

lady's armpit

Lady's armpit before and after

hair removal client's back

Lady's back before and after

Auckland Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Our pricing is plain and simple, no contracts, no complicated package deals, no tiered fees and no hidden costs. 

Laser Pricing

How should I prepare for Laser treatments?

Prior to Laser treatment:

1. Pre-shave the treatment area just prior to treatment. Preferably the same day or the day before.

2. Discontinue 'fake tanning' products at least four weeks prior to treatment.

3. Avoid sun tanning or sun bed use 8 weeks prior to / and between treatments and allow your tan to fade so that skin pigment is 'normal' prior to the first treatment.

4. Do not wax or tweeze treatment site for at least 8 weeks prior to hair removal treatment (shaving is OK).

5. Remove all make-up and creams from the treatment site on the day of treatment.

6. If you intend having treatment on your face, don't wear contacts on the day of treatment.
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